14 Tips to Help Your Child Sleep

Here at Snuggle Sac, we care about the quality of children’s sleep and know how much that reflects in their and their parents’ overall happiness. We know bedtime is about keeping them warm and comfortable (and we can help with that) as well as building healthy habits. Here are our top tips on how to approach it:

A good bedtime routine will help your child develop sensible settling and waking patterns and avoid problems in the future (see “The Value of a Child’s Bedtime Routine” for more info)

Aim for your child to be happy to settle alone, in their own bed and to go back to sleep by themselves after waking during the night.

Avoid late daytime naps, as a general rule not after 3.30pm.

Have a quiet playtime an hour before bedtime.

Grandad enjoying story time
Grandad enjoying story time

No stimulating food or drinks in the evening (see more on this topic here: Expert tips on what to feed your child)

Have a regular bedtime and start your routine no later than 45 minutes before settling down to sleep.

Be consistent and aim to carry out the same process each night eg; bath, pyjamas, story and lights out. This “sleep package” gives your child the clues that bedtime is approaching.

Once your child is in their pyjamas don’t let them return to the ‘living’ area as you may lose focus of bedtime.

Make sure your child’s room is quiet, dark and a comfortable temperature.

The room doesn’t need to be any warmer than 18c (64f) which is probably a little lower than the rest of the house.

Have clear and consistent boundaries at bedtime. When you say three stores mean three. If your child knows what to expect they are less likely to argue.

Help your child to learn to fall asleep alone without your presence.

Try to avoid props for your child that are not easily replicated by them eg: being rocked by a parent.

Overall make your bedtime routine relaxing and pleasant so your child enjoys going to bed.

If you need more help at bedtime, the Children’s Sleep Charity, an organisation we are proud to have worked with, can provide a range of services tailored exactly to your family.


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