5 Tips for surviving exams and enjoying your summer

5 Tips for surviving exams and enjoying your summer

Wouldn’t it be lovely for all the youngsters who have worked so hard, stuck to schedules and timetables, to have some long lazy sunny days ahead?

Feeling Adrift

Do any of you remember that strange feeling once exams have finished of not knowing what to do? Simply because there is nothing expected, and no schedule you feel completely adrift. Sometimes all we need to do as parents is help them to recognise this is normal, understandable and they don’t need to get distressed.

exhausted after exams
exhausted after exams

What next?

We thought it may be useful to have a couple of pointers to help our youngsters ease into a wonderful summer holiday season.

  • Give yourself permission to relax

This may sound obvious, but after months of revision and living with untold stress and expectation they will be exhausted. It is completely OK to snuggle up, sleep and recover. Not for too long though!

  • Maybe get a holiday job in advance

Especially if they are heading off to University or college. Not only is it a great discipline, it is fun to earn your own money. I know the media paint a dreadful picture, but there are lots of jobs and opportunities out there. It doesn’t really matter what it is, anything is good experience and adds value to a CV.

  • Plan some activities and events.

Young Adults enjoying summer fun
Young Adults enjoying summer fun

What about booking a festival or holiday with friends? Start to expand your horizons and maybe even learn some new skills. Perhaps learn to sail, or go on a hill walking trip with friends.  Depending on whether they intend to go onto further education, or go out to work these times with a group of friends don’t come back again!

  • Join a Group

As a Senior Section Guide (and ex Scout) leader it is wonderful to see young people develop new skills and become self-assured, confident young adults. Wherever you live, there are superb opportunities within Scouting and Guiding for young people. If you aren’t one for the outdoors, and don’t like to camp this can also be a great way for your children to experience these things with their peer group.

relaxing after exams

  • Above all – remember you won’t get this time back again, so relax and enjoy the sunshine together.

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