Going away for Easter? Top tips to help your children cope with a routine change

It’s that time of year where the holidays are quickly approaching.

While it is wonderful to spend time with the family the change in routine may have an impact on your children’s sleep.  It is of course inevitable that some aspects of family life will change with the children not being in school but here are some top tips to help you to support your little ones to sleep well through the Easter and Summer holidays.


  • Make the most of the good weather and ensure your children spend time outdoors each day. This helps to strengthen their body clocks which can promote sleep.


  • Invest in some blackout blinds, the light mornings can disrupt sleep patterns and then it can be hard to nod back off. You can buy portable blinds to take on holiday with you too.


  • When on holiday you can of course relax your timings of your routine to fit in with your plans. It is helpful though if you do keep some familiar structures in place such as having a bath before bed or reading a favourite story.  This gives your child the cue that bedtime is approaching and can help them to relax.


  • Using a Snuggle Sac at home means that you can take your child’s familiar sleep environment away with you too. One reason that children may not sleep well on holiday is that they are in unfamiliar surroundings.  Having the comfort of their familiar Snuggle Sac can help them to feel more secure.

Snuggle Sacs Low Res-29

  • Ensure that the room isn’t too hot, the ideal temperature is 16-18 degrees


  • Make sure that you do implement your typical routine towards the end of the holiday so that your child’s body clock can adjust ready for the start of school. If bedtime and getting up time have become later than usual then gradually move them back by 15 minutes every few nights until you are back to a more appropriate time.

Vicki Dawson

Founder of The Children’s Sleep Charity