tinaI came up with the idea for a brightly coloured, fun character shaped sleeping bag, which l called a Snuggle Sac, in 1999 to help solve the problem of my young son waking up cold during the night with his covers on the floor and then not wanting to stay in his own bed. I realised if he felt some connection with the sleeping bag, in much the same way as a teddy bear, he’d want to take it to bed and hopefully stay there.

It was an instant success, not only did he want to remain in his own bed at night, he also enjoyed a daytime nap and carried this home from home bed with its attachment security and comfort to day nursery, his grandparents, on car journeys and holidays. Since launching in 2000 the company has sold hundreds of thousands of funky sleeping bags and associated products throughout the world.

During that time we have maintained exceptionally high standards ensuring our products are rigorously tested and are made exclusively to our specification. If the Snuggle Sac brand is on a product we are confident you will be happy with a great item which serves a practical purpose, is good value for money and will appeal to a child and their parent.