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Having given up a career in finance, l found myself at home with a toddler, and a newborn baby who only slept for a maximum of 2 hours at a time. The disruption and sleep deprivation began to take its toll on the whole family.

Our happy toddler had his world turned upside down. He had been moved out of his cosy cot into a big first bed, he was not getting the same degree of attention and was waking up continually throughout the night.

Eventually l realised he was cold as his covers were on the floor and he was unable to tuck himself back in. I came up with the design of a fleecy lion sleeping bag which l called a Snuggle Sac. I wanted something which was special to him, had the connection of a favourite teddy bear, the comfort of a security blanket and the warmth of a sleeping bag. The concept worked brilliantly and in no time at all he was sleeping through the night, having daytime naps and giving us all needed respite.

With the sleepless nights a thing of the past, l realised the Snuggle Sac idea could provide a sleep solution to other parents and grandparents. I mention Grandparents as the lion Snuggle Sac also meant our son was keen to stay at his grandparent’s house giving us a renewed social life. He felt he was taking his bed with him. Having that home-from-home security meant we could also relax knowing he was content.

I had always seen Snuggle Sacs as associated with rest, sleep, time out, relaxation and an escape from the pressures of video games and computers and wanted to link this with getting children to sit and read again. At the time, J K Rowling had just published her first book and was beginning to receive some publicity. Her story, at that time, was about being a mum who worked hard to get her book accepted. I felt inspired by her story so l wrote to her asking her if there was a way l could associate Snuggle Sacs with the major characters in her book. J.K Rowling had already signed the licensing rights to Warner Bros, and had purchased a Snuggle Sac for her daughter so was a fan of the product. The Snuggle Sac Co Limited was the third company to be granted the Harry Potter licence.

J.K Rowling wrote the Squashy Purple sleeping bags (Snuggle Sacs) into The Prisoner of Azkaban book, which meant we eventually helped design and make bespoke Sacs for the film set.

Other accolades followed and included: Winner of Best Gift for Kids category of the Gift of the Year competition, and Snuggle Sac being shortlisted in the top 5 of the kids Superbrand list.

The product range expanded over the years and now, with the help of Toby (my youngest son), we cater for teens and adults with a new range of Snuggle Sacs.

Whilst keeping the core products that have become the life and breath of Snuggle Sac, we are also now designing for the generation who grew up with sleep comforters, but now go to festivals and ski chalets, who Glamp and who have exchanged the sleepover for crashing at a friend’s pad. Oh, and we are excited about the new luxury Baby Line for the 3rd generation!

To all our old customers, thank you for growing with us and we’re going to continue to grow with you. To our new customers, thank you for finding us and we’re looking forward to you being part of the Snuggle Sac family.

Toby Goldsmith Toby Goldsmith Snuggle Sac Owner
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