Are you Family Festival Ready?

Snuggle Sac in trolley at a festival

Family Festival Fun

Whether you are a seasoned festival goer, or trying it out for the first time as a family this summer there are a few basics which can make the experience a lot more enjoyable.

Getting into the spirit..

We all know kids love to dress up, so this can be a great fun time to dress up as a family. Pack lots of wonderfully random bright clothes (think charity shop bargains which won’t result in tears if destroyed by mud). Sprinkle on a layer of glitter, some funky head gear and you will be getting into the spirit before you know it. Take lots of photos.

Family at a festival
Portrait Of Family With Children Sitting On Rug

Don’t forget..

When squeezing the family into some kind of vehicle remember to leave some room for wellies. It may not be raining when you leave home, but anyone who’s seen Glasto. pictures will know it usually does rain in the UK.

You may be heading off to a lovely small festival set among trees, but there will still be lots of people. Even if you can normally sleep anywhere it is worth taking earplugs!

Sleep Tip..

A few days without sleep is enough to make anyone a little grouchy, so aim for a family siesta. The kids will love their snugly afternoon nap if they know mum and dad are joining them and they aren’t missing out on anything. Then the whole family can have a late night adventure together. Loud music, bright lights and maybe some stars too – pure magic!

Children playing in Snuggle Sacs
Get Snuggle Sac cosy!

Also, don’t pitch your tent close to the loos!

Getting around..

Festivals are no place for pushchairs or buggies. We love the stylish festival trolleys which can double up as a portable bed for your little one. This picture shows someone who knows how to travel in style!

Airs n Graces trolley photo
Snuggle Sacs with an Airs ‘n’ Graces trolley at a festival


On top of the wellies and ear plugs we wouldn’t leave home without wet wipes, sun cream and dry shampoo. Maybe your family has a special routine which works, or some great tips you’d like to share with us. Please send us your photos and we’ll add them to our gallery. #snugglesac

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