Tips for buying Boat Bedding for Toddlers and Children

Tips for buying Boat Bedding for Toddlers and Children.

Although beautiful nautical themed linen is gorgeous, we are going to talk about practical bedding solutions when taking toddlers and children onto boats!

You could be a seasoned sailor and have your own solutions, or eager to learn from others.

We met a sailing family last week who were taking their young family on a week long trip and were using Snuggle Sacs.

Benefits of choosing the right bedding for children when boating

Apparently the aspect they liked the most was the fact they weren’t spending money on additional equipment just for the boat. The kids could use items they were using on a regular basis at home, and they were absolutely perfect on board.

Anyone who sails, or owns a boat knows how expensive everything is, so keeping the children happy, safe and secure without additional costs is a big bonus.

We recently took Snuggle Sacs onto a sailing boat on the Norfolk Broads. It was one of the traditional Hunter fleet; a beautiful solid wooden masterpiece with little room for storage.

The bunks are also rather narrow, so duvets are completely impractical. We used the new size Adult Sacs for the first time. Having a 100% cotton lining made a huge difference. In fact, they genuinely felt like sleeping in conventional bedding. Perhaps it is the fact the adult size sacs are wider than normal sleeping bags. I personally find the mummy shape rather confining.

We would love to hear from anyone with their special sailing stories. Any photos can be posted onto our gallery by simply tagging them with #snugglesac


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