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Let Snuggle Sac Help You Be the Perfect Guest This Christmas

by Tina Goldsmith 09/12/2019
toddler getting ready for a night sleeping on the sofa

If you are staying with friends or family at all over the festive season, there’s something you can bring for which your hosts might be particularly grateful: your own bedding! You probably know from when you’ve been the host – the logistics of bed linen laundry can require serious forethought. Especially if you are hosting multiple guests over a series of nights.

A comfortable night's sleep in familiar bedding.

Snuggle Sacs have a large pocket at the head end for tucking a pillow into. Meaning you and your family can have a comfortable night’s sleep in familiar bedding - with a pillow you like - even if you are on top of a strange pull-out bed or your mattress for the night is the cushions from the sofa laid out on the living room floor.

Unlike a heavy duvet set - Snuggles Sacs don't take up much room in the car.

This is one area where our signature product really comes into its own. Snuggle Sac sleeping bags each roll up into their own bag – they can be squashed around your other luggage in the car and they are light enough that even your toddlers can carry their own into your host’s house!

Be a perfect guest this Christmas and unroll a Snuggle Sac on your temporary bed. You’ll relieve your hosts of the onerous task of washing bedding between guests’ visits. Snuggle Sacs come in toddler, child, teen and adult sizes (and don’t forget our range of baby blankets and comforters) so we’ve got something for every family member!

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