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Moving a Child from a Cot into a First Bed

by Tina Goldsmith 14/09/2015
tired tearful toddler

Guest blog post by Vicki Dawson, founder and CEO, The Children's Sleep Charity

Moving your child from their cot to their ‘big bed’ can seem daunting but there are ways of making the transition a positive experience for both parent and child.

Children pick up on parent’s anxiety so demonstrate a positive attitude towards the change, even if you are feeling a little worried inside! Some children do struggle with the change of environment and need familiarity. It’s a great idea to use the toddler Snuggle Sac in the cot. Then, when your child is ready to move into the bed, they can take it with them.  This will provide your child with a feeling of security. 

The Snuggle Sac was actually designed initially to solve the problem of little ones feeling anxious about the move. Tina Goldsmith, founder of Snuggle Sac, says:

“I came up with the idea of a cosy lion Snuggle Sac to act as a combination of favourite teddy bear, comfort blanket and sleeping bag to prevent my own son waking up cold in the night with his covers on the floor, and to ease the move into a first bed when his baby brother came along who needed the cot.” 

Bedtime routine is of course important. If your child is in a good bedtime routine make sure that you maintain it. If the routine has slipped a little then you need to ensure that quiet activities are introduced in the hour leading up to bedtime and switch off the television and computing devices. Talk positively to your child about their new bed. There are some great picture books that you can share. Explain that they will be taking their Snuggle Sac with them into their new bed. Where possible put the bed in the same position as the cot.  You may wish to invest in a bed rail to help your little one to feel secure and to prevent any falls.