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Moving Your Toddler from Cot to Bed This Winter

by Tina Goldsmith 30/10/2019
dalmatian snuggle sac toddler in bed

Just as toddlers walk and talk at different ages, it is important to recognise that the move from a cot to a “big bed” can happen at different stages for different youngsters. Toddlers getting used to their new bed in winter may be cosy and warm when you tuck them in, but what happens when they kick off their covers in the middle of the night when the central heating is off?

Recognising Signs

Young children can be very clever at giving us signs so we need to be alert to recognising them. If you are regularly awoken in the middle of the night to provide comfort to a distressed child who has just moved bed, they might be expressing their confusion at their upgraded sleeping environment.

Parental Concerns

Have you done anything to prepare your toddler for the move from cot to bed? 60% of parents who responded to a survey undertaken by The Children’s Sleep Charity said they were worried about moving their toddler from a cot into a bed. Concerns for the child, but also for the whole family. As we all know, broken nights when you have siblings in the house and adults who need to work are a real problem.

The Snuggle Sac Solution

Toddler Snuggle Sacs are the best-selling sleeping bag designed specifically for young children as they make the move from cot to bed. It is a good idea to introduce a child to their new Snuggle Sac as something special just before they move out of their cot. When they move to their new bed, they can take their Snuggle Sac with them so there will be something familiar (and already associated with sleep) in their new sleeping location. 


Toddlers are often very keen to become independent and feel proud of their achievements. If external circumstances (such as a new arrival needing the cot) are hastening the move into a big bed, this desire for independence can be channelled to make the move with as little disruption as possible. Making the child understand that sleeping through the night in their new bed is a praiseworthy achievement is essential.

Toddler Snuggle Sacs are designed as follow on bedding to a baby sleeping bag and are recommended by The Children’s Sleep Charity. All Snuggle Sacs are fully machine washable and have a cotton lining that feels soft like bedclothes. Order one for your toddler from our online shop.