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The Other Grandparents – sharing responsibilities and grandchildren’s time

Sharing Surely, by now we ought to be accomplished at sharing, so why can it feel difficult to share something as precious as a grandchild with the other set of grandparents? Families blended through marriage may have very little in common and being around people who do things differently to us can be challenging. To […]

Three generations enjoying each others company
Grandparenting Tips, Parenting Tips

Grandparenting: Managing expectations about your role and availability

Becoming a grandparent is a wonderful phase of life, but when each party involved in the multi-generational family unit can have their own expectations it can often cause a great deal of unintentional conflict. What do we mean by managing expectations? We all have different hopes and desires, live in different circumstances and deal with […]

Blog, Grandparenting Tips, Parenting Tips

How can activities Grandparents enjoy with their Grandchildren influence their relationships?

What activities do grandparents enjoy? As l am not yet a grandparent, or nana as l will be called, l decided to ask my parents what it was they particularly enjoyed doing with the children when they were little. My boys were lucky enough to have young active grandparents on both sides but spent more […]