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The Sun is out at last!

I’m sure we are not the only ones who start talking about plans for holidays as soon as the weather brightens up. For those of us with young children there is always a balance of how far to go, and how much equipment do we need to take along?  have cleverly tailored their offering […]

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Sleep over… Sleep easy…

Whatever your views on sleepovers, at this time of year it is inevitable that children need to accompany us adults when visiting relatives or friends for overnight stays. We recognise these outings can be fraught and children like to take their own special things with them. So, simply roll their own special ‘bed’ into its […]

Boy going to stay away from home
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The sun is out and Easter is approaching..

As the school holidays approach there will be lots of families planning to get away. Spending time together away from home as a family unit, can be wonderfully restorative. But we all know parents tend to only fully relax when their children are sleeping properly and aren’t irritable and disruptive. I simply took my children’s […]