Choosing the right Snuggle Sac

Our Snuggle Sacs are categorised by age and height of the person using them.

Our specialist sacs for toddlers are created with their very strict requirements in mind so we recommend using them for young children between the ages 1 and 3, starting while they are still sleeping in the cot. This will help them form a sleep association with their Sac and make moving to a bed a slightly less stressful time. The combine the appeal of a favourite teddy bear, the security of a sleeping bag and the cosiness of a comfort blanket.

Our other three sizes of Snuggle Sacs can be used by anyone based on the height chart below. The age ranges quoted in the chart can be a starting point for choosing the size right for you, please double-check the height of the person using the Sac before making a purchase.

All of our Sacs are lined with soft 100% cotton, are machine-washable and come with a tote bag that will let you carry them anywhere.

We offer a 1 Year Guarantee on all our products so if you find you have ordered the wrong size, fill in this form and we will replace it. We do not pay return postage, but we do not charge you for the replacement to be sent.

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