The complete Instagram-for-Parents guide, for you to reach @Mom goals

Instagram went from being the photo-sharing app used mainly by celebrities and the  ‘rich kids of Instagram’ in 2016 to one of the most popular social media platforms in 2017. It’s used by everyone, including your children- perhaps even by your local Instagram family! If you’re curious, if you’re worried about your child’s safety on the app, or if you want to be the Instagram mum goals, you’ve come to the right place- this is our article covering Everything a parent needs to know about Instagram, for her and her child.

The perfect mum Instagram bio examples (and setting up your account)

Once you’ve registered for the app using either an email address or Facebook account, you’ll be asked to choose a name (what’s called a handle, or @). This can be anything so long as it isn’t taken- so unfortunately, you can’t have @Mom, even if that user isn’t a parent at all… Sorry!

Anything offensive or otherwise age-restricted puts your account at risk to protect the other users, as Instagram has no age limits or restrictions. You can, if you’d like to have the things you share or do on the app kept secret, put your account on ‘private’ so only  those who you approve can see your photos.


Your bio and name fields can be filled with anything you like, even if another user has the same. Again, it can’t be offensive, but a lot of the parents on Instagram have quotes they like, their hobbies, or the names of their families, which we think is a cool bio idea. It’s up to you: make your personal bio, something personal, happy, inspirational or otherwise positive for you.

 Layout of an Instagram account for parents Example.
Example Mum Instagram Account Bio, Name, and layout. Credit:



Finding other Instagram mums / Other parents on Instagram and who to follow

Now you’re on Instagram, you have a full ‘feed’ to fill with both your own and other people’s posts. Follow people by going through to their profile, finding them through #Hashtags (Using for example: Website [Hashtags for #moms on Instagram]) and clicking the blue ‘Follow’ button. You can follow anyone you’d like, such as the previously mentioned Rich kids of IG, mums or parents of Instagram, and others who you’d like to see occupy your home feed with their photos.


People can also follow you this way, with a request being sent if an account is on private. We covered the way a ‘private account’ works earlier in the article, but we wanted to show that this works both ways- and can be an excellent way to monitor your children on Instagram. Parents who are worried about their children’s safety on Instagram in 2017 and 2018 finding that talking about this, along with who to allow as followers the best two ways to protect their children. It’s better for them to be aware of what’s out there, with that information coming from you.


Now we’ve covered the most important parts, we’re ready to move on to the end of the article. Here’s a list of things covered so far so you can be aware of what you can do on app;

  • Introduced you to the app: What to do, what you can do as a parent on Instagram
  • Walked you through creating the best bio and a very cute account, either as a family account or your own personal
  • Given you a great way to find other mothers and parents on Instagram using relevant mum hashtags


Final thoughts: what you absolutely must know as a parent on Instagram

So, now you’ve had our walkthrough of the basics, we hope you’re ready to be out onto the app to explore and enjoy the platform. Congratulations- and if you need to know anything else, be sure to either leave a comment, or check the help page of the app itself, found here: IG help OR the F.A.Q page written specially for parents, here: Parental F.A.Q– These cover everything a parent and child needs to know about Instagram. .

If you feel as though your children aren’t ready to be using the Instagram app, you can (and it’s recommended by the F.A.Q we linked above) do the same as us: use the parental controls [IG on the App Store (Apple) | IG on the Play Store (Andriod)] we can use to prevent the download or use of an app.


Your son or daughter might not want to have your following them, and they might not want to follow you, but they can’t stop you from setting up an account that shows the entire family to the world as the ultimate Instagram family goals. Keep this in mind!
So, whether you’re setting up an account for yourself, your family, or your pet, be sure to explore the app with our tips to help you on your way. While you’re there, be sure to follow us on Instagram and other social media- links to our accounts can be found at the bottom or top of the website, whichever you prefer.


Good luck!

-Instagram mum.

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