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snugglesac Snuggle Sac Review

Dexter has a big thing for blankets. When he’s catching up on Zingzillas or any other terribly important (and dare-I-say-it irritating) CBeebies programme he’s usually surrounded by cushions, blankets or his duvet. I actually think this is seriously sweet and love snuggling down with him. It’s our special little bonding time and saves me a fortune in heating bills!

Unfortunately the same can’t be said at night and he’ll often wriggle out from under his duvet and kick it to the bottom of his bed. His room does get stuffy but I’m not comfortable with him sleeping without covers as he’s prone to sniffles and coughs so needs to keep his chest warm. Craig and I have often joked about giving him a sleeping bag when we’re on our hundredth trip to his room to tuck him in.

030 Snuggle Sac Review

So when I stumbled across the Snuggle Sac I just had to get in touch with Tina the owner. It looked utterly genius; a fleecey sleeping bag with an integrated pillow case. It looked perfect for bedtime and lazy days in front of the telly. As it’s incredibly lightweight, rolls up compactly and comes in a handy flight bag, I also thought it would be fab for taking away or for sleepovers round nanny’s.

I came up with the idea in 1999 to help solve the problem of my young son waking up cold during the night with his covers on the floor and then not wanting to stay in his own bed. I realised if he felt some connection with the sleeping bag, in much the same way as a teddy bear, he’d want to take it to bed and hopefully stay there. It was an instant success Tina (designer and owner)

Dexter’s Snuggle Sac is actually a My First Snuggle Sac meaning it has been designed specifically for little ones. From top to bottom they measure 150cm and are 60cm wide (with a sleeping area of approx 105cm). This means it’s perfectly sized for children aged 12 months to 3 years. He fits perfectly inside and looks pretty adorable when he’s all tucked in. I should think this is also great for kids who are moving from a baby sleeping bag in a cot to a real bed – although Dex has already made this transition.

032 Snuggle Sac Review

I opted for the Navy Star design as it fits in best with the colour scheme of Dexter’s bedroom. It would be great to see some designs in pastel colours for boys as this would have fitted in even better. There’s a gorgeous pink polka dot design that would have been spot on in pale blue.

It really is incredibly snuggly and boasts a 3.4 tog rating making it perfect for both wintery nights and summer snoozes. The 100% cotton lining inside is also super soft – I wanted to jump right in there myself but am a little too big for it. I doubt Dex would let me in anyway as he’s quite possessive over his Snuggle Sac. The zips are plastic and all kept away from his skin which is another bonus for me.

The Snuggle Sac fits a full sized pillow was is a welcome feature seeing as it is designed to be used as everyday bedding. Given the pillow part is made from the same fleece as the main part this makes for a super soft spot to lay weary heads. Surprisingly Dexter hasn’t taken to it throughout the day as I thought he might. I’m not sure if that because he associates it with nighttime – let’s face it, no kid likes being put down for an afternoon nap. Dexter does all he can to avoid this and fight sleep throughout the day (sadly…).

snugglesac1 Snuggle Sac Review

Dex obviously can’t yet zip himself in so we do this for him at night. I’m pleased to report it’s done its job too and he isn’t extricating himself throughout the night. In the morning he simply crawls out of it rather than unzipping himself (it’s quite funny to watch).

Snuggle Sacs are machine washable (recommended washing at 60 degrees) and can be tumbled dried too, fabulous for all round cleaning. We’ve already tested this out already as Dexter had a sickness bug a week ago and projectile vomited all over it (too much information?). It washed fabulously and looks as good as new – I did expect some bobbling and fading but this wasn’t the case.

My First Snuggle Sacs are priced at £35.00. This might seem excessive but the quality is just fabulous and you are saving money as this is effectively a sheet, pillowcase and duvet cover all-in-one. There are also other sizes available for older children (these are 5.2 tog so uber cosy) and tons more designs to choose from too. It would make an ideal Christmas gift for that special little someone to cosy up in – perfect for watching Christmas movies when mum and dad are too busy necking sherry to play Wii Bowling for the umpteenth time!

You can get yours from the Snuggle Sac website & also follow them on Twitter and Facebook for news and offers.

Did you know…?

J.K Rowling wrote the Squashy, Purple Sleeping bags into The Prisoner of Azkaban after having a Snuggle Sac for her daughter. The Snuggle Sac Company subsequently manufactured 700 Snuggle Sacs for the film!

Each of the wizard actors kept their own Snuggle Sacs (lovely soft squashy sleeping bags for children) after filming, and the remaining Sacs were kept as props which are now on display at Universal Studios London and Wizarding World Orlando!

You can buy a Harry Potter Snuggle Sac (for older children) on the website at the special price of just £49.99.