When Experts in Play (Fundamentally Children) give their gold seal of approval we want to shout about it!

When Experts in Play (Fundamentally Children) give their gold seal of approval we want to shout about it!

Fundamentally Kids recommendation and product review for Snuggle Sac

So, who exactly are Fundamentally Children and Experts in Play?

Experts in Play (Fundamentally Children) are a team of professionals. They are dedicated to promoting the value of play in healthy childhoods. They have a range of skills and work in an innovative, family-friendly way to ensure everyone feels valued and respected. Taking pride in offering a unique range of services which they say are second to none.
Fundamentally Children is an organisation dedicated to helping children develop skills through play. They provide independent expert advice on a range of topics including play, toys, apps, children’s tech, e-safety, child development, special needs and other parenting issues.

Close up of child with a Teddy

Fundamentallychildren.com is the home of the Good Toy Guide and Good App Guide as well as a raft of other useful advice for parents, carers and childcare professionals.
One of the reasons we are so chuffed to have received this Snuggle Sac review is because it is not something a company can influence. It is a genuine review by completely independent people.

We had to look on their website to see how they review Children’s Products, and this is what it says.

“Our toys and apps are tested by our accredited play club partners. Each product is tested by children on at least 4 separate occasions. The children play with the toys in natural settings, observed by professionals who have been trained to carry out research with children in a robust, and ethically responsible way to give valuable feedback that can be trusted.
Our experts in child development and children’s technology also review the products (only in the enhanced review option) and provide additional feedback on developmental issues, marketing, product development and user experience.
For details on our Children’s Product Testing Process and how we rate toys: click here
Product reviews are only published on the Fundamentally Children website if they meet all of our set criteria. Fundamentally Children Endorsed covers a variety of products for children, as well as resources for teachers and parents.”

One of the things we loved the most was the fact they are unique in the way they review children’s products:

They gather feedback for each product from multiple children
Then give each product to an expert for review. They have experts in child psychology, user experience, teaching/education, play, toys and apps.

A consumer can therefore read a review like this and know it is genuine, has been done with some authority and has not been paid for or influenced in any way.

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