How about some fun, stress-free news and activities?

Yes, we know it is Christmas soon, and Black Friday is descending fast.

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In the meantime we thought it would be nice to take a look at some fun, stress-free, raise-a-smile type of activities that you can get the whole family involved in.

How many of you have heard about yarn bombing ? It tends to be a great  ‘under the radar’ activity which is sure to warm your heart and raise a smile. It seems to be a fun, cosy exercise shared with groups of people and can be used to raise awareness of a great cause. Obviously, if you are intending to display your creativity in a public space it will need permission. If it is simply to have fun decorating your own bike, that should be fine.

We recently came across this stunning Flamingo and thought the essence behind it was so gorgeous it was worth sharing.


We all deserve a bit of warmth and happiness, so when we saw this lovely ray of sunshine we had to share it.

Have you done any yarn bombing or spotted one in your city? We’d love to see your photos, share them on our Facebook page.

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