Going on holiday with young children and being a working Mum

Do holidays change once you have children?

I have always loved travelling, experiencing new places, meeting new people and trying out as many different activities as possible.

Looking back l think l expected to be one of those cool chilled out mums who could juggle young children, and carry on exactly as l had before, without getting the slightest bit stressed. Sadly, l wasn’t like that!

I had come up with the idea for Snuggle Sac in 1999 when the boys were only 2 and 3 years old. The strain of running a business, which took off much quicker than l imagined, with toddlers wasn’t the complete breeze l thought it might be. What was l thinking?!

So, when l started to think about travelling and sunshine l also realised l wanted some me time and a genuine relaxing break. I knew two toddlers and a rucksack wasn’t going to tick any boxes at that time.

My salvation came in the form of Mark Warner Holidays. I think an antenatal friend had recommended them. We had similar lives and the same age children, so l decided to book 2 weeks in Greece to see if it was as good as she said.


My holiday salvation

Even 16 years later l can still remember that amazing family holiday in Greece. Sometimes a great holiday experience can’t be repeated, but we managed to keep enjoying the Mark Warner holidays for many years. The sheer bliss of laying in the sun, reading a book, sleeping and occasionally catching sight of the boys sailing or playing a beach game. Such luxury! As a family we enjoyed catching up at meal times and loved the fact the children were itching to get back to the afternoon activities. The childcare nursery assistants were superb and both boys obviously loved being with them. Even now, all those years later they can remember some of their names and faces! This blog post describes quite well our experience at the time.

l contacted Mark Warner childcare department soon after a holiday and told them about Snuggle Sacs. I believed they would make a lovely addition to the creches and they agreed; children have been happily Snuggling into their evening routine with Mark Warner since 2007.

I have always believed it is healthy to allow children some freedom on holiday. It’s great for them to feel independent, confident and more relaxed. If children feel happy and content it makes those family activities so much more fun and helps create those lovely memories that we all cherish.

It is however important to still have a wind down period and make sure they are not running around wildly just before you expect them to settle down for bed. This is another thing Mark Warner do so well. There is a specific children’s tea time and chill down routine. So, even if they come and join you for supper they are already calming down and know the evening is coming to an end.

Children like a bedtime routine, so although things will naturally be different on holiday you can still make sure it becomes a lovely snuggly cosy time for them.

After all these years, Snuggle Sac and Mark Warner still work together, and you and your children can enjoy both in the Snuggle Club in the brand new summer resort Phokaia Beach Resort in Turkey. We’ll also be running a competition together soon for a chance to win any Snuggle Sac of your choice. Follow us both on Twitter and Facebook to find out more.

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