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Child in a Harry Potter Snuggle Sac


Monday, 4 August 2014

Harry Potter Snuggle Sac Review

My Three are huge fans of the Harry Potter films. We love nothing better than snuggling up under a duvet with a bag of sweets and a bowl of popcorn to share whilst watching them together. Recently we were sent a Harry Potter Snuggle Sac and the boys couldn’t wait to try it out.


If like us, you are a fan of Harry Potter you will know the stories well and know that in the third film – The Prisoner of Azkaban all the children have to sleep in the Great Hall because supposed mass murderer Sirius Black has been spotted in the castle and he is a danger. In the film you see that each witch and wizard have a Hogwart’s Snuggle Sac.

What makes the Harry Potter Snuggle Sac that little bit more exciting is that The Snuggle Sac Company were actually involved in the design and manufacturing of the 700 Snuggle Sacs needed for the film. Each of the actors kept their own after filming finished, and the remaining Sacs are now on display at the Universal Studios in London and Wizarding World in Orlando – pretty cool don’t you think?

The Snuggle Sacs are made from lovely soft, purple fleecy material and look exactly like the ones in from the film – so perfect for any Harry Potter fan to enjoy. Each Snuggle Sac has the Hogwart’s school symbol embroidered on the front. I love the attention to detail on it.

Each Sac measures 200cm x 70cm – so it is suitable for older children and smaller adults can fit in one comfortably too (well depending on your height – but I am 5 foot 5ins and I fit in perfectly), it can be put in the washing machine and can be tumble dried. They are soft and fleecy on the outside, have a 100% cotton lining and are approx 5.2 tog. There is even space within the head area for a pillow to fit. You can purchase a Harry Potter Snuggle Sac for £49.99 at the minute as they are on offer.

The Snuggle Sac is very practical and is designed so that it can be used every night of the year. They are great for sleepovers, car journeys, snuggling in front of the TV and can even be used on a bed instead of a normal quilt. My Three often spend the weekend at their Grandparents house so the Snuggle Sac is great for this it even  has its own carry case so that it can be carried and stored easily.
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