How do you know you’ve got the right stockist for your small business?

We all love something unusual, well researched and of good quality. So, as we approach the busy winter season we thought it would be nice to give a shout out to one of our lovely stockists that ticks all of these boxes.

Not only have we enjoyed working with them for almost 9 years, we recognise how unusual it can be in today’s environment to have a lasting, and increasingly successful business relationship.
Pro Idee have been privately owned, within the same family, since 1985. They pride themselves in investing in long-term customer relationships and personally selecting unique products that stand out from the crowd.

Although they stock almost 2500 different products, every one has been individually sourced and is recommended by them to their customers. They test the products, understand them and then carefully write their own text.

Why bother mentioning all this?

In the modern world of internet shopping, and disposable products it is so refreshing to supply a company like Pro Idee.

We have been fortunate to have worked with them for almost 9 years, with increasing success year on year. I remember the first-time l visited their office, showroom and warehouse in Aachen many years ago. Believe me, it isn’t that common for a buyer to take the time to show a prospective supplier every aspect of a business and to really take the time to engage. I have travelled far further and only been given 1 hour of someone’s time seeing nothing more than the inside of a tiny office.

I’m sure other small companies will have noticed a great deal of change within the retail environment, with margins being squeezed, departments taking longer to pay, and buyers changing every few months. Therefore, surely it is worth praising a company when they get it right! So, here’s to Pro Idee, a great business partner!

Have you had a particularly good experience with one of your stockists? Let us know, we’d like to celebrate everyone’s success.

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