Let’s appreciate being confident and support each other when we need it

We’re coming to the end of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week and I’m glad to say we’ve seen some amazingly supportive and honest comments on social media.

We loved http://www.tobyandroo.com/ post in instagram @tobyandroo about being confident and showing positive inner self worth – and what a great red dress too!

It took me back to 1998 / 1999 when, as a new Mum l was struggling with Post Natal Depression and a crushing lack of confidence. At that time there seemed to be no support or even acknowledgement that it wasn’t something you could just get a grip of.

I even remember my (female) GP saying l was the kind of woman who ‘didn’t suffer from that kind of weakness’ so l should just be able to concentrate on other things, ignore it, and l would be fine! Can any of you going through those emotions now imagine how that felt?

Strangely enough, a year later she phoned me and apologised. She had become a Mum herself, and in her words: “had been felled like a tree”. She obviously remembered what she had said to me and made the phone call, which l still remember all these years later.

I guess it is a lesson to us all. It doesn’t matter what you have in your life or how much you have achieved. A mental health issue can come from nowhere so it is important to take time to know ourselves and look after that.

female legs covered with warm blanket, relax at home

We wrote and article about how stress can affect your mental health too – read it here https://www.snugglesac.com/if-i-am-stressed-as-a-parent-will-it-affect-my-child/

Especially when there has been such an enormous upheaval like welcoming a marvellous little person who is completely dependent on you, into your world.

It struck me how wonderful it was to read how women are creating very different types of businesses for themselves today. There is a lot of negativity and criticism surrounding social media, and indeed, how it may contribute to mental health issues. That may well be the case, especially with cyber bulling. However, some of the bloggers l am aware of have noticeably been very open and honest about their struggles and appear to get wonderful support from other parents. I know l would have genuinely welcomed that and probably would have got better sooner. I started Snuggle Sac as a way to overcome some of the sleep deprivation issues which attributed to my PND. I knew if we could all get more sleep we’d start to function again! I wrote about this some time ago and you can read more here https://www.snugglesac.com/childs-sleep-problem-affect-family-2/

So, let’s have a lovely #FeelgoodFriday collective high five for the bloggers who are making things better! http://themuddledmother.co.uk/  http://theknighttribe.co.uk/  http://popitha.com/  to name just a tiny few.


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