Parents: Some tips on coping when your child heads off to University

As anyone with young adults waiting for A level results will know, the next two weeks can be such a mixture of emotions. We know our young people have worked so hard and are excited at the prospect of heading off to university. However, from the moment the results come out to the moment they are moving into their new accommodation it can be such a whirlwind. We thought it may be a good idea to start to think of ways you, as a parent, can help in the background.

Preparing for the Move

As previously mentioned, the university move day will come around fast, so we’ve put together a few things you can do to prepare to help make things go smoothly.

Family Time / Friends Time

Your young person is going to miss home and will probably feel anxious about heading off into the next phase of their life. It is worth remembering how much they will cherish some fun family times at home before they go. However, it is also important to give them space to see old friends and have time to prepare for their departure in their own time too.

Home from Home Comfort

It can be a nice idea to prepare something special for them to take to University with them which reminds them of home but won’t be an embarrassment (a cute teddy from their childhood hidden in a bag, may not be the right idea).

My eldest headed off to University with a bedspread l made from parts of his old school and scout uniform, sports kit, badges and other memorabilia. Not only did he really appreciate this, it gave me a lovely project to be getting on with while he went on holiday with friends before he left.

Practical Gift from Home to take with them

Having always slept in Snuggle Sacs my boys both left home with their new adult size Snuggle Sacs with them. They not only found these of great comfort, they were practical too. They slept in them, studied in them, watched films on the sofa, and dragged them off to friends when staying over.  Now the youngest son is taking over the business, this is the range he is planning to develop further!

What to Do During the University Transition

Moving day and its immediate aftermath can be challenging for you and your nearest and dearest, but there are things you can do personally that will make the university transition period easier for everyone. Here are our top tips.

Try Not to Meddle

While your instinct may be to continue helping your child through life’s ups and downs, their transition to university should be about them finding their independence. From insisting that you take them food shopping to demonstrating how their new washing machine works; many parents are guilty of interfering a little too much in their child’s university move, but this can do more harm than good. For now, at least, it’s time to loosen the reins and let them find their feet – however difficult that might be, sometimes getting things wrong works out for the best.

Try to Stay Calm and Upbeat

While many parents leave campus with a lump in their throat and a tear in their eye, you should try to stay positive, upbeat and calm about your child’s big move. Not only will this help you, it’ll give your child the best possible start to their uni life and prevent them from worrying about you and getting homesick. Nowadays, it’s easy to stay connected and feel close to your child even when they’re miles away, so try to stay positive and think about their move rationally.

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How to Cope When They’ve Left

With their room sat empty and no one to cook for, the weeks and months after your child has left for university can be tough. Here, we offer a few practical ways to help you cope.

Keep in Touch

As we touched on above, your child is only a call away, so there’s no need to feel totally abandoned.  It is important to stay connected and maybe arrange a regular time to talk, but it is also important to remember they have a new life and need their own space to enjoy university life too.

Make Their Room a Positive Space

While you, and they, may want to keep their room the same, avoiding it out of sadness isn’t healthy. Instead, why not bring it back into your home by making it a room you can use for a hobby, or maybe for something like sorting the laundry.  

Start a New Hobby

With new-found time on your hands, fill it by taking up a healthy and productive new hobby. Not only will this take your mind off things, it’s a great way to de-stress and find a new purpose in life. It will help your child relax and enjoy their new life if they believe you are happy and managing well.

Focus on the Positives

Sure, you’ll be sad when your child flies the nest, but there are positives which can come out of it, too. Many parents connect more with their child when they’ve moved, as you’re no longer under one another’s feet, while you may also feel a closer connection to other family members and your partner. You’ll also have more ‘me time’, and after 20 or so years as a hard-working parent, that will feel blissful.

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