Sleep deprivation: the unspoken public health crisis?

Tired and tearful Toddler

Sleep Deprivation – could this be the new public health crisis?

Scientists in the UK believe that we are in the midst of an unspoken public health crisis due to escalating levels of sleep deprivation. Almost 60 per cent of UK families sleep badly, with research showing that sleep deprivation causes many relationship problems, a three-fold increase in poor performance due to lack of concentration and focus, considerably more health problems due to poor immune system functioning and obesity, and an increased likelihood of mental health difficulties including depression and anxiety.

Are we failing our kids?

We’re failing our kids every night we let them stay up late. It’s Britain’s hidden health crisis, says Professor Tanya Byron.

We, as adults constantly criticise children and teenagers for their lack of manners, poor grades and terrible diet that leads many of them to become obese. But what if it is the parents’ fault?

And what if that is because we are missing the real reason for their difficulties; a profound lack of sleep.

Tired and tearful toddler
Tired and tearful toddler

How damaging is sleep derivation?

.Over the years we’ve had various experts write articles for us, but one of the most powerful was a survey undertaken by The Children’s Sleep Charity. These were some of the quotes from parents about sleep problems:  How does your child’s sleep problem affect you and your family?

Sleep deprivation and the knock-on effects are of interest to me as it was this very reason l created the first Snuggle Sac in 1999.

Having suffered over a year of debilitating sleepless nights it finally occurred to me one of the issues was the fact my toddler had been moved into a bed at 19 months to make way for his baby brother. He was waking up cold in the night with his covers on the floor, then inadvertently waking the whole family. So, eventually Snuggle Sacs were created to solve a very real problem which was causing sleep issues for all 4 of us in our family.

Sleeping Bag for girls - Snuggle Sac
Sleeping Bag for girls – Snuggle Sac

How we solved the sleep deprivation problem in our family

Once l came up with the idea for the product l realised how many other families were struggling with sleep difficulties and recognised how common sleep disturbances are among toddlers as they move from their cot into a first bed.



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