Snuggle Sac – safety and reliability

I feel we haven’t been telling our customers enough about our brand.

About the things we stand for; the reasons the company exists and even the main safety credentials of the Snuggle Sacs themselves.

Having supplied major high street stores and mail order companies for so many years we have become slightly distanced from our real end user customers.

So, this is an attempt to put that right!

Primarily Snuggle Sacs were created to solve a problem. My own young children were waking up cold in the night with their covers on the floor. I created a cosy lion shaped sleeping bag which Olly wanted to sleep in. He remained in his own bed, he stayed warm all night and the whole family started to benefit.
The ethos of the company has always been to design and bring to market products which make a positive difference to family life. They must have a practical purpose, be great quality, are made to exacting safety standards and must be good value for money.

All Snuggle Sacs are completely machine washable making them an incredibly healthy sleeping environment. Remember the actual duvet inside the quilt doesn’t get washed very often and it is dust mites which can aggravate asthma – not a great thought really!

All our Snuggle Sacs comply with British and European safety standards. (Believe me, it is very easy for companies to supply products direct to consumers which have never been tested.) We take this aspect of our production very seriously and it is something we are proud of.
Ident3washing machine LR
Therefore if our brand name is on the product we guarantee its quality and its safety.