Child Snuggle Sac, Sleeping bags
Within this category are the single bed size child  Snuggle Sac, Sleeping bags which are 180cm long.

Customers can either purchase Snuggle Sacs directly from our website, or at some of the events we attend.

There are 4 sizes of Snuggle Sac in total. In this section. There are two Teen Snuggle Sacs which are longer length (200cm), they are Navy Star and Daisy. and are in the teen section. All of the other child Snuggle Sacs within this area are 180cm x 70 cm.

Another way to judge which one would be the right size is to assume: 180cm is suitable for up to ft 9 and the 200cm up to 5ft 5 (with room to sleep)

We know lots of people like to have their own pillow when travelling. It can also be annoying to have a pillow disappearing on the floor, so there is a built in pillow case within the head area of the Snuggle Sac.

Parents of slightly older children will be reassured to know these are as practical as the toddler Sacs. We design and manufacture all Snuggle Sacs to replace conventional bedding so they can be repeatedly washed, and tumble dried.

We send each order with a free tote bag, so your child can take their own special bedding wherever they go, even if that is only as far as the sofa to watch a film!