Adult size Snuggle Sac, longer length sleeping bag
We produced Adult size Snuggle Sac, longer length sleeping bags which will fit people up to 6ft 5 due to recent customer demand. Even those of us considerably shorter than that find them a wonderfully comfy way to sleep however!

We can offer our customers 8 different colour combinations with 6 of them having full zips so they open out completely flat.

One of the great things about a Snuggle Sac is their practicality so just like the smaller sizes these extra large ones still go straight into a washing machine and tumble dryer.

We  send each item with a free canvas carry bag making them perfect for holiday, or as spare bedding for caravans, boats, motor homes or perhaps students going off to College or University.

We all know how lovely it is to spend the weekend staying with friends or relatives, how much more welcome will you be if you turn up with your own bedding!