Snuggle Sac ● Adult size ● Burgundy


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    These blankets are 170 x 150 cm of super soft, snuggly fleece.

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What is this?

They are just as cosy and gorgeous as our smaller Snuggle Sacs – only larger! So, they are longer length sleeping bags which will fit people up to 6ft 5

Just how big is it?

They measure 230cm from top to bottom, and have a space within the head area for you to put your own pillow. The sleeping area is 185cm long x 80cm wide. The extra width means you can curl up inside making them much more comfortable than a conventional sleeping bag.

How can l clean it?

As with all Snuggle Sacs you simply turn it inside out and throw it into the washing machine (well, take out the first!).

What is it made of?

The outside is a deep pile, extremely soft fabric called coral fleece, made from polyester. The lining is 100% cotton and between the two is a polyester wadding which helps you keep you warm and cosy.

So, when would l use it?

Why not  be the perfect house guest and turn up with your own bedding. How delighted will your friends be at not having to change any bedding when you leave?

It doesn’t end there though, these are wonderful for taking on holiday, using in a villa, in a caravan, motor-home, many festivals, glamping or camping, perhaps in a boat or on a long coach journey. You get the idea – they are wonderful to use anywhere!

How will it arrive?

They all come with a really great canvas carry bag – which also looks good  personalised (It’s an extra cost, but worth it!)

embroidered canvas bag

1 review for Snuggle Sac ● Adult size ● Burgundy

  1. Aubrey Hughes

    Absolutely love it. It’s amazing. Hasn’t been left alone since arrived. Love the fact it comes in own carry case which is perfect. I have clipped it onto the pushchair to take to a friend’s, and then become a play mat. Really easy to follow instructions and loads of information I never would have thought of. It’s perfect for babies to adults. Loads of uses. Best thing I could of asked for. My little girl took it for a sleep over an already all my friends, family want one. This has so many uses and would definitely be something I would take on holiday. A friend has already asked to borrow it for camping as saves space in the car instead of pillows, blankets, sleeping bags. It has been used 24/7. I have to wait till kids are in bed to steal it. I have fell asleep on the sofa a lot since having this Snuggle Sac. So easy to use. Lay flat to play, pop a pillow & zip to get cosy. Simple as that. It has the WOW factor. It’s just so soft & warm. Space to wriggle as well as feeling wrapped up.It certainly keeps you warm as so comfy.The quality of the material used is beautiful, reversible, fluffy or soft. When getting ready to wash I did panic it would go funny. But pop in the machine and hang to dry.My little ones used this, niece, nephew, and friends. They all want one. Some tried to steal mine. Mainly used this at home and on play dates. Quality and design is brilliant just love it and gender neutral. So much better than a throw or sleeping bag. Would gladly buy another. I loved literally everything. There is nothing to fault at all. Most definitely a Yes will be purchasing as perfect for everyone and has loads of uses. Have already recommended to loads of people. Loved the product design, comfort, multi use, great for all ages, space saving, ease for travel. This product has become an everyday use in the house. From play mat for the babies, den for my daughter. Sleep over accessory. Camping in style and a cosy film and wine night on the sofa.

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