Adult sleeping bag ● Longer length sleeping bag – Horse design.


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Adult Sleeping Bag (Snuggle Sacs) are now available

These are just as cosy as the smaller sizes, just as practical and just as wonderful. It is simply they now fit up to 6ft 5!  They are 5.2 tog which is equivalent to sleeping under a duvet of approx 10 tog so will be perfect all year round.

Just like the smaller sizes these are also machine washable and  cotton lined so more like sleeping in conventional bedding than a sleeping bag.

When would l use it?

How about being the perfect house guest and take your own bedding when you stay with friends. They come in a lovely sturdy canvas tote bag, with a zip pocket, so ideal to keep in the car, or office just in case.

A lot of people use them in caravans, motor-homes, or keep them in holiday homes. As they are so compact, but really cosy and comfy we’ve been surprised at the number of uses. People who work shifts, or may be on call, lorry drivers and students studying are just a few examples.

And then there are the conventional uses like glamping, camping, sleepovers, long car journeys and festivals.

Can l wash it?

Yes, all Snuggle Sacs can go into a standard washing machine. We recommend you turn them inside out first as the 100% cotton linings will take longer to dry.

What’s different about these?

Apart from being unbelievably soft and cosy they also have 100% cotton linings and a space within the head area for you to put your own pillow in.

You may not know but Snuggle Sacs are designed to be practical enough to be used every night of the year!

Most of the adult size ones unzip all the way round so open out flat and can be used as quilts.


playing games - adult sacsAdult grey carry bag

How about having the canvas bag personalised too?

embroidered canvas bag


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