Snuggle Sac ● Toddler size (1 – 3 years) ● Navy star


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Snuggle Sacs are popular amongst toddlers, children and adults. With over 15 years of experience and multiple award winning products, You can be sure that we have the perfect sleeping solution for you toddler.

Also available as a bundle with a matching blanket here.

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    These blankets are 170 x 150 cm of super soft, snuggly fleece.

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Toddler sleeping bags – A natural progression from baby to toddler.

Toddler Sleeping bags for babies to toddlers, Snuggle Sac – Why use one?

Over 95% of parents in the UK choose to put their baby to bed in a baby sleep bag, so what do they choose after this?

Parents recognise the benefits of their baby feeling secure, comforted and remaining at a constant temperature. The simplicity of a sleep sack means your baby is ready for bed without the fuss of conventional covers.

Parents can find the move from a cot to a first bed stressful and can revert to sleep disturbance problems.

Your toddler will want to naturally transition to a more grown up sleeping bag.

Not only do children pick up on their parent’s anxiety, they are developing and learning new things every day. Toddlers often display a fearsome strength of character and are keen to become ‘big boys or girls’. Consequently during these major developmental years the transition into a big bed can play a major role in this.

Some children struggle with a change of environment and like familiarity. As a result, many children are reluctant to give up the comfort of their baby sleeping bag. Subsequently, they struggle because they don’t want to be seen as a baby any longer.

Specialist toddler sleeping bags to prevent your little one getting cold.

Toddlers can be wriggly sleepers so conventional bedding can end up on the floor leaving your child cold and likely to wake up. Therefore, by using a specialist Toddler Sleeping bags like the toddler Snuggle Sac, your child can be ensured a good nights sleep.

Snuggle Sacs for Toddlers
Toddlers sleeping bag, snuggle sac

Toddler Snuggle Sacs are the sleeping bag recommended by The Children’s Sleep Charity, to follow on from a baby sleep bag. They combine the appeal of a favourite teddy bear, the security of a sleeping bag and the cosiness of a comfort blanket.

The designs replicate the older child Snuggle Sacs to help the toddler feel more independent and grown up. As they are developing this sense of being a big boy or girl is very important.

The toddler size Snuggle Sacs are intended to be used as a youngster progresses into their first bed.

Is this the right size?

With their soft 100% cotton linings they will provide just the right familiarity to your young child.This size is 3.4 tog which will keep your child cosy all year.

The joys of a toddler sleeping bag are fun throughout those precious years.

Many children older than 3 years love sleeping in a sleeping bag, Snuggle Sacs are  available in 4 sizes. children’s & teen sleeping bags, teens and adult sacs available too.

2 reviews for Snuggle Sac ● Toddler size (1 – 3 years) ● Navy star

  1. Michelle Rocastle

    Lovely, comfy, snuggly and just fabulous!

  2. Ella

    My son has enjoyed sleeping in the Snuggle Sac overall, and has only wanted to get out when it has been too hot in the night. He was very excited to try it when it arrived, and we were very impressed with the overall quality.

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