Snuggle Sac ● Teen size (up to 5ft 5) ● Navy Star


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    These blankets are 170 x 150 cm of super soft, snuggly fleece.

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Navy Star Snuggle Sac, Teen sleeping bag

The navy star Snuggle Sac, is a teen sleeping bag which is 20cm longer than the standard child size. This means it will comfortably fit someone up to about 5ft 5 (with room to sleep)

We designed Snuggle Sacs to replace conventional bedding so treat them like a duvet and continually machine wash at 40 degrees and tumble dry if needed. Bear in mind the whole bedding is being washed so Snuggle Sacs are great for people with allergies.

We’ve probably mentioned this on another page, all our Sacs have 100% cotton linings so feel really cosy to sleep in.

We’ve made the Navy Star Snuggle Sac 200cm x 70cm so it will comfortably fit someone up to 5 ft 5 tall. If you measure your child from shoulder to floor against the sleeping area of 155cm you can tell if this is the right size.

We appreciate lots of people like to travel with their own pillow and it can be irritating to have a pillow escaping from a camp bed. We have made a standard size pillow case within the head area of the sleeping bag, so you can simply slot your own pillow inside.

Why does the Teen size Snuggle Sac work?

Children form a wonderful attachment to their Snuggle Sac and won’t wake up cold with their covers on the floor. This is just one of the reasons they are endorsed and recommended by The Children’s Sleep Charity.

The security and comfort children feel from having their own Snuggle Sac helps with the bedtime routine. By creating a special sleep environment, which is portable, children sleep a lot better when travelling. Taking their special bed with them ensures a good nights sleep while away from home. This maybe a sleepover, on holiday or with relatives.

We send each Snuggle Sac out with a free tote bag making it easy to store and carry around.

They are sometimes mistakenly called Sleepover Sacks, Slumber Sacs or Snuggle Sacks. We do have our brand embroidered on the product as a mark of our quality.

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  1. danny15

    Super product, well made and super cosy.

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