Snuggle Sac ● Child size (up to 4ft 9) ● Pirate


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    These blankets are 170 x 150 cm of super soft, snuggly fleece.

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Pirate Snuggle Sac, Kids Sleeping Bag

Anyone looking for pirate bedding will love this gorgeous pirate sleeping bag. We’ve designed it so it looks like a dressing up costume. Snuggle up and have swash buckling dreams!

While struggling with conventional bedding which kept falling on the floor, the idea for a Snuggle Sac came about in 1999. Since then they have been selling around the world.

Customers can buy this new design of Snuggle Sac on our website, or at the various shows we attend.  The overall length is of this design is 200cm with a sleeping area of 155cm which is 20cm longer than the standard size Snuggle Sac. Girls up to about 5ft 5 will find this ideal.

Different Size Snuggle Sac are Available: 

People can now purchase 4 sizes of Snuggle Sac to suit toddlers right through to adults up to 6ft 5

Not only is the design new, so is the fabric. This is the latest in our range of gorgeous, tactile, incredibly soft fabrics. It really is fabulous! The lining is still 100% cotton so it feels just like sleeping in conventional bedding at home. We love these new vibrant colours, and hope you will too.

Parents understand how important practical bedding solutions are so our technologists have ensured Snuggle Sacs are completely machine washable and can also be tumble dried at a low temperature too. They may look ultra fun, but they are seriously practical too!

For those of you who like to travel with your own pillow – good news! Our designers have made a standard size pillow case within the head area so you simply slot your pillow inside.

They come with a free tote bag so are also great for long car journeys, sleepovers, staying with relatives or holidays. Anyone with a caravan, boat or motor home will also find snuggle Sacs are a perfect alternative to taking lots of bulky bedding away with them. One of the main benefits of a Snuggle Sac is their complete portability. So, grab the tote bag, stuff a few bits and pieces in and off you go.  Maybe even as far as the sofa to snuggle up to watch a film!


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