Pony ● Children’s Snuggle Sac, Sleeps anyone up to 4ft 5


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Pony Snuggle Sac, Kids Sleeping Bag

We love our cute Pony Snuggle Sac, which is a Kids Sleeping Bag made using the most cosy of fabrics ever. The attention to detail is excellent. The bunting is real double sided flags from 100% cotton.

As with all Snuggle Sacs the lining is 100% cotton so is really comfortable to sleep in. The outside is simply one of the most tactile, materials you will have the opportunity to snuggle into.

Customers can buy the Pony Snuggle Sac on our site or at the various events we attend. Someone up to about 4ft 9 will find this a perfect size. The pony Snuggle Sac measures 180cm x 70 cm with a sleeping area of 135 cm

Since they were created in 1999, Snuggle Sacs have been helping children (and parents) get a better night sleep. Without being disturbed by covers falling on the floor children can learn to sleep through the night, forming a sleep association with their dinosaur along the way.

We send  Snuggle Sacs out with a free tote bag, so they are easy to take on sleepovers, long car journeys, holiday, in a caravan or maybe as far as the sofa to watch a film!

Over the years we’ve often been called Sleepover bags, Snuggle Sacks or maybe Slumber bags, in error. Our name is Snuggle Sac and it is embroidered onto the product and always on the care label.







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  1. Michelle Spinks

    Our little one is horsey mad, her little face lit up when she opened this for her birthday. She will not go to sleep without it

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