Snuggle Sac ● Toddler size (1 – 3 years) ● Red star


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    These blankets are 170 x 150 cm of super soft, snuggly fleece.

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Toddler Snuggle Sac a special sleeping bag for 1 – 3 year olds. Red Star

The red star Toddler Snuggle Sac is a specially designed sleeping bag for toddlers aged 1 – 3 years.

Customers can purchase these award-winning sleeping bags directly from this site, or in person at the events we attend.

Tina created the first Snuggle Sac in 1999. Designed to help solve sleep disturbance problems of children waking up cold with their covers on the floor. Since then the Toddler sleeping bags are widely recognised as phase two bedding after a baby sleep bag.

Toddler Snuggle Sacs are endorsed and recommended by The Children’s Sleep Charity and shortlisted as Best Nursery Product by Prima Baby Magazine 2016

Moving from a cot into a first bed can be an anxious time for parents.

Moving a toddler from cot to first bed can be an anxious time for parents, and toddlers can pick up on this. Maybe leaving the security of a baby sleeping bag, while recognising they want to develop as ‘big boys or girls’. Most parents recognise conventional bedding will end up on the floor and sleep disturbance issues can start all over again.

We love the fact the toddler Snuggle Sac combines the security of a sleeping bag, with the cosiness of a comfort blanket and the appeal of a favourite teddy bear. The ensuing sleep association formed enables toddlers to sleep soundly wherever they go.

Our customers love the fact  toddler snuggle sacs are machine washable and can be tumble dried. As you will appreciate having a simple way to change bedding during potty training years is superb.

Measuring 150cm x 60 cm they have a sleeping area of 105 cm, so measure your toddler from their shoulder to the floor to check the size. Lots of parents don’t use a pillow for toddlers, however, if you do there is a space within the head area for a standard pillow to fit.

We send Snuggle Sacs out with a free tote bag. Your toddler can simply take their home from home bedding solution with them. Whether it be a long car journey, holiday home, day nursery, and caravan or maybe to grandparents for the weekend. We have always found them pretty useful for story times, sick days or snuggling on the sofa too!

There is a matching red star blanket to go with this Snuggle Sac

1 review for Snuggle Sac ● Toddler size (1 – 3 years) ● Red star

  1. Jody Hayes

    Really excited when this arrived looked the perfect travel item. Could not wait to try it out. My daughter could not wait to use this. Packaging perfect arrived safe and sound. The instructions were very good, very easy to follow. Loved the concept as a simple yet great idea.

    Also really lovely touch to be able to insert own pillow into the top as you always love your own pillow. We found this very effective moving Jackie from her cot to the new big bed she has in her own room. It just helped her feel comfortable, safe and snug and we had no problems with her sleeping in her new bed with her snuggle sac. This was very easy to use and a delight.

    Our daughter loved her snuggle sac. She loved to just cosy up in it and thought it was very special and very comfortable. This is great for the cooler and colder weather but a bit too hot when we have those very rare sunny days and muggy evenings. This kept my daughter perfectly happy and snug in her bed. She just loves it. We also loved the fact this is so easily transported as comes with own little carry case. It has been on trips to grandparents and on holiday with us. Worked a treat.

    This is lovely soft material and high quality could not fault it. Perfect to wash, just pop in washing machine and came up lovely every time. This is top quality and will certainly last a long while. For us this has been great value for money. Normally when travelling we have to take so many bits of bedding that she will not sleep without. This gave us the freedom to take one item in a neat carry case that fulfilled all her needs and she slept soundly as it was her special blanket. This little item is a blanket, duvet all rolled into one very versatile blanket. Just loved the softness of the material and how comfy our daughter was using this.

    Would like to see it available in low tog for the summer months. I would certainly buy one for our youngest when the time is right. Already been recommending as I just love the whole idea of this blanket. This has been an absolute hit with our daughter and us. It is soft, lovely to sleep in and she wants to take it everywhere.Also the quality is fantastic.

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