Staying Warm and Snuggling up – Product Review

Child reading in bed in a Snuggle Sac

Staying warm with Snuggle Sac

Little Mr A is a nighttime wriggler!  We will check on him before we go to bed and he will have gotten himself into some really funny positions with covers everywhere!  When I saw the Snuggle Sacs I thought these would be a great solution to Little Mr A’s nighttime wriggling and was delighted when they offered me one to review.So, what are Snuggle Sacs?  Snuggle Sacs are sleeping bags that are designed to help solve the problem of children waking in the night due to being cold as their covers have come off.  Coming in two sizes and many different colours and styles, there are Snuggle Sacs available for all children from toddlers upwards!

As Little Mr A will be having a Superhero themed bedroom we decided on the Navy Star sleeping bag as we knew it would fit in well with the Superhero theme.

Snuggle Sac

Snuggle Sac

The Snuggle Sac is made from a lovely soft fleece and has a 100% cotton lining making it very nice to sleep in.  It is 200cm long so will fit Little Mr A for a long time!  The Sac comes in it’s own tote bag making it easy to take to sleepovers or on holiday.  It is machine washable and can be tumble dried.

Snuggle Sac

As well as the Snuggle Sacs you can also purchase a matching bed tidy and blanket.

As soon as the Snuggle Sac arrived I was impressed with the quality.  It is lovely and soft and, after a first wash, didn’t lose it’s shape or colour at all.

Snuggle Sac

I really like that there is a section for a pillow at the top of the Snuggle Sac which makes it stay in place more than other sleeping bags. 

Little Mr A looks very snug and cosy in the Snuggle Sac and, although he still wriggles, the Snuggle Sac ensures that he still has some covers on him overnight and does not get cold.

Snuggle Sac

I can definitely see the Snuggle Sac being really useful as the colder nights arrive as it will ensure Little Mr A stays snug and warm all night.

Little Mr A loves the design on the Snuggle Sac and loves nothing more than snuggling up in bed at night!

Snuggle Sac

I think the Snuggle Sacs are a great idea, particularly if you do have wriggly children that kick their covers off at night and would highly recommend them.

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Snuggle Sac


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