Top Tips: Moving your toddler from cot to bed

Have you done anything to prepare your toddler for the move from cot to bed?

 Looking at the results from a recent Survey undertaken by The Children’s Sleep Charity it was interesting to read that almost 60% of parents who responded to the survey said they were worried about moving their toddler from a cot into a bed.

 shutterstock_252147097 (1)The area which worried parents most was their toddler not sleeping well once in the new bed. In fact almost 50% of parents said this was their biggest worry when considering the move. This could be a combination of worries really. Concerns for the child, but also for the whole family. As we all know broken nights when you have siblings in the house and adults who need to work are a real problem.


Almost 85% of parents said they had prepared their child for the move into a bed by speaking positively about this change and buying new bedding.

It is always a good idea to introduce change gradually and prepare your child for something new.

Toddler Snuggle Sacs are the best-selling sleeping bag designed specifically for young children as they make this move. It is a good idea to introduce their new Snuggle Sac as something special just before they move out of their cot so they make the association with bed and sleep. Snuggle Sacs are designed as follow on bedding to a baby sleeping bag and are recommended by The Children’s Sleep Charity.

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There appears to be some confusion over the age a toddler should be moved from a cot into a first bed. Just as toddlers walk and talk at different ages it is important to recognise this move can happen at different stages for different families. There are also external situations to consider too. There could be another baby who needs the cot so it may be more important to introduce the move into a first bed an earlier stage than another family.

Young children can be very clever at giving us signs so we need to be alert to recognising them. One parent wrote: It took us a good week or so of restless nights and fighting with the boy before we understood what he was trying to tell us.

Toddlers are often very keen to become independent and feel proud of their achievements. If they are ready to be a ‘big boy or girl’ it is important we, as parents, recognise this.


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