Welcome to our snuggly world of comfy, peaceful sleep.

View the wonderful designs of Sacs which appeal to toddlers, children, teenagers and most recently adults with the new extra- long range. Snuggle Sacs are designed to be used every night, so comfort is a priority and we are proud of the fact they are endorsed by the children’s sleep charity.

Snuggle sacs were created as a solution to the problem of childrenwaking up in the night. Sleep disturbance can become a real problem, especially when making the move from a cot into a first bed. Our sacs are designed and developed to help overcome disruptive sleep patterns. They allow your toddler, child or teenager to feel comfortable in a luxury sleeping bag, to feel secure and cosy wherever they may be.

Sleeping well in a snuggly safe environment has moved from toddlers through to adults over the years.

The range has developed and been extended to meet our customer’s needs. We started creating Snuggle Sacs in 1999 and have many original customers now using the new adult size Snuggle Sacs. The products have literally grown with them.

Which one will you choose?

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Get a FREE Tote Bag with every purchase

That’s right, every snuggle sac includes a FREE tote bag to make it even easier to carry your bed anywhere!

The Sleep Expert's Blog


Guidance from our sleep expert.

Vicki has trained with both Sleep Scotland and Southampton Sleep Service, her background is in education having qualified as a teacher in 1998. Vicki is passionate about supporting parents to get a better night’s sleep and regularly writes in the media and speaks at national conferences.

Vicki has a wealth of experience in writing and delivering training materials. She has produced materials for numerous organisations including Scope, the disability charity and Relate.