Welcome to our snuggly world of sleeping bags for toddlers, children, teenagers and adults.

A Snuggle Sac is a specialist sleeping bag designed to replace conventional bedding and can be used every night whether at home or away.

The first size Snuggle Sac is the next phase bedding solution after a baby sleeping bag and is widely recognised as the most practical toddler bedding option. Designed for ages 1 -3 years old.

The next size are generally used as children’s bedding. As they come with their own tote bag they are perfect for sleepovers, staying with relatives, going on holiday, caravans, camping, snuggling up on the sofa and even long car journeys.

Due to the popularity of Snuggle Sacs (sometimes wrongly called Snuggle Sacks!) over the years we have extended the range to now include two larger sizes. 200cm long will fit someone up to 5ft 5 and 230cm will fit someone up to 6ft5 meaning they are now perfect for students, tall teens and adults.

We’ve seen groups of young people sitting outside a tent on a summers evening cosy in their snuggle Sacs. A great addition to their festival kit.

From Toddlers To Adults we have a sac to suit. Which one will you choose?

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What are Snuggle Sacs?

Snuggle Sacs are cosy sleep sacs designed to replace conventional bedding. They come in 4 sizes to cater for toddlers (from 12 months) through to adults.

The idea behind the original Snuggle Sac creation in 1999 was to combine the attributes of a favourite teddy bear, a familiar comfort blanket and a sleeping bag to create a secure sleeping environment which helped solve disruptive sleep patterns.

Comfort wherever you go

Being completely portable means this special home from home comfort travels wherever you go. You just slide a pillow into the space within the top and snuggle up.

The linings are all 100% cotton making them really comfortable to sleep in, plus they are machine washable.

We are proud of the fact The Children’s Sleep Charity endorse Snuggle Sacs.

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Get a FREE Tote Bag with every purchase

That’s right, every snuggle sac includes a FREE tote bag to make it even easier to carry your bed anywhere!